CALIFORNIA DREAMING is a journey through those times and
places that have made famous by the New Hollywood production of the 70s. With a
spirit of escape, we are taken on the road of freedom in search for our
independence and a dream perhaps unrealizable. With the genuine innocence
of the great female characters of American cinema, from Bonnie Parker to Thelma &
Louise, we start to discover our identity, with a great desire to revolutionize
the world. Like the Groupies of the 70s, we discover the world
following an ideal that leads us to overcome our limits and
live life with carefreeness and a good dose of madness.
CALIFORNIA DREAMING is an invitation to a world where a collision of colours reigns. Pop culture is back in force and this time it’s with boundless codes, fusing subcultures and artistic references with a nostalgic retro attitude.
CALIFORINA DREAMING shakes things up protesting against the norm and encouraging non conformism. By giving life to a festive and creative vision, it’s become all about having fun, appreciating the present and living for the moment.
Join us now and be a part of this
inspiring journey

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