Make it a Better World


Sustainable production and business ethics is our core value. We produce our products in our own factories with high ethical and social compliance standards.


By purchasing a KNITSS product you are;


Supporting ethical and sustainable productions,

Supporting highest level of working health and safety conditions,

Making sure that children were not abused in the production of your garment,

Supporting the use of eco-friendly chemicals for your health and for our world's eco-system,

And contributing to fair trade for a better future.


In other words, by purchasing a KNITSS product, you are contributing to a better world.


We absolutely wish you to have the KNITSS garment you love effortlessly. That is why we are sending all the orders you purchase through free of charge. So you do not have to consider about complex shipment fees, and only enjoy wearing your KNITSS garment.


All purchases you make from until 2 pm GMT will be shipped within the same business day. All purchases you make after 2 pm GMT will be shipped on the following business day. We do our best for you to reach your beloved KNITSS garment in the fastest way possible, worldwide.

Payment online store is equipped with the most advanced 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology available today, to ensure the ultimate privacy of any information you submit. You can shop safely from our webshop. We never store your credit card information, and that’s why we ask it every time you buy from us. Take a look at our privacy policy for further details.